Ruth 4:14-15
“Blessed be the Lord who has not left you this day without a CLOSE KINSMAN, and may HIS NAME be famous in Israel, and may He be to you a RESTORER of LIFE and a NOURISHER and SUPPORTER.”

His Name Is Jesus

Mission & Vision Of

Kinsman Farm

Our vision, as stated in our Constitution, is to ‘advance the purpose of religion’ as a Christian faith, particularly through the activities of prayer, meditation and worship; these activities encourage growth in stillness and silence, in order to more clearly hear the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit.

Our missional purpose seeks to help those who come to Kinsman Farm retreats to withdraw from an increasingly noisy, active and chaotic world environment into a ‘cave’ moment of separation and quiet focus on God. 

Providing this ‘cave’ for people, we believe, is our calling from God in order to assist all who come to look only to Christ through the action of contemplative prayer and worship and, then, to hear God’s still, small voice speak a fresh word into their hearts.

Our prayer mission includes both corporate contemplation and worship as well as individual contemplation, and individual prayer counselling.

We seek to fellowship together with the Holy Spirit in the three classical types of prayer: 

Vocal Prayer: a prayer of the lips with the stress on words (spoken or sung).
Meditative Prayer: a prayer centred in the mind which pictures/ponders, reflects and thinks of God. The mind seeks understanding and insight. Lips quiet/mind active.
Contemplative Prayer (Beholding): a prayer of the heart and will which reaches out to God’s Presence. Lips and mind both come to rest. There is simple gazing at the Lord while the heart reaches out in wordless prayer and the will seeks to be one with His.

We are offering specialised, specific acts of service to all who want to come.

We’re here to help you connect with Your Heavenly Father

to hear God’s still, small voice speak into your hearts

Meet the Team

Your Hosts

Robert & Wendy Tillman

(Founding Members)

Christine Maughan

(Founding Member)


Members of the team are from diverse backgrounds in music, teaching, counselling, farming, accounting, the arts and pastoral care.