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We, the members of Kinsman Farm, invite you to spend an afternoon with us practising the art of being still before the Lord.

Come away and be still
Come away
Come together
……. To Jesus.



When: Saturday 4th July 2020
Time: 1 – 4 pm
Where: At the home of Robert & Wendy Tillman
199 Connor Rd Tregeagle, NSW
Phone: 0432 382 394 


This Saturday’s retreat will focus on the HUMILITY of heart that grows from our attitude of silent meditation and contemplation before the Throne of God; the humility of heart seen in Adam and Eve as they walked, talked and LISTENED to only God in the Garden prior to the Fall – a place of NAKEDNESS, of no self- consciousness in the Presence of the Lord.

Whereas pride is an awareness of self ABOVE God and others in a given situation, humility is the absence of self, a ‘below’ God and others attitude in any given situation.

Contemplation empties us of self…..
We are anticipating a Lectio- Divina meditation upon John 15 to be a part of this retreat. Also, a worship time focusing on our position of BOWING before our Holy God.

Come, Holy Spirit, we humbly pray.
You are most welcome to attend. We would love to see you and fellowship with you.

KF team.


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