In repentance and rest

is your salvation.

in quietness and trust

is your strength.

Isaiah 30:15

Monthly Half-day Retreats:

Half-day retreats focussing on contemplative prayer and worship are held once a month. We usually meet on the first Saturday of the month (with few exceptions – please refer to our news page or facebook page).

Where: Robert and Wendy Tillman’s property at 199 Connor Road, Tregeagle, NSW.

Time: from 1pm – 4pm.

This is Kinsman Farm’s current location as we seek to follow the Lord and raise funds for our long- term goal of purchasing and opening a specific full-time retreat centre.

Individually Tailored Retreats:

If you would like to find out more about this specialized type of retreat please contact us today via our online form.

Individual Prayer Ministry:

To make enquiries about this unique ministry please use our online form.

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Small Group Teaching:

We are offering the following studies:


The Book of Psalms.

The Psalms of David reveal the heart of meditation and contemplation of a true worshipper. Specific psalms will be studied according to the place of growth of both the individual and group.

Sow the Seed of Mary: Christ in me, the Hope of Glory.

By Christine Maughan

The book biblically explores the moral attributes we develop as God’s spiritual children in order to become vessels of honour, wisdom and blessing to others. This exploration, then, is about the Doctrines of Righteousness, the growth of Christ’s love as our new nature. The Doctrines of faith give us no reward in heaven if they have not operated upon the foundation of love.

The book also expounds on the restoration of the male and female relationship/ roles as being essential to the restoration of the apostolic ministry in our time. Apostolic ministry is about spiritual parenting and there needs to be two complementary and functional parents, not a sole parent.
Chapter titles include – Purity, False Wisdom Vs Godly Wisdom, Repentance, The Mary Image, Boys/Young Men/Father’s, The Beatitudes, Enduring, Abiding, The Woes and Apostolic Parents.”

Waiting on God: Returning to the Place of Absolute Dependence.

By Andrew Murray

A series of devotions in which Andrew Murray encourages and helps the believer to practise the art of waiting wholly on God in the power of the Holy Spirit; to learn and experience being silent before Him in complete trust and dependence.

What to Expect

A Typical Half-day Retreat Experience

In your first meeting we will slowly build your experience of ways of ‘entering in’ to the silent gaze and rest of this type of prayer and worship.

The type of worship we will engage in will enhance and compliment your contemplation, as we practise a style of simplicity of phrase, words and melody. 

Each meeting tends to rest in the Presence of the Holy Spirit in diverse ways. Sometimes worship lingers, at other times our corporate silence is extended, while at other times our individual meditation may be the main focus. A time of sharing usually follows our time of contemplation, as we seek to learn and grow our intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and with each other.

It must be stressed that we, along with you, will be practising the art of being still in the presence of Jesus through the Holy Spirit.