Praying at Uluru
I would like to paint a picture before I start. It’s hot, flies are everywhere, they won’t leave you alone, a screaming child refusing to walk, another child unable to walk because of an injured foot, a focused daddy trying to make the camera timer work because his wife has been nagging him to take more family photos for the yearly Christmas card but he can’t work it out cause the camera is so fancy and there are a million buttons and none of them simply say timer, and a mama losing her patience with everyone because we were meant to come in the morning but instead we have come at 2pm , the hottest part of the day.
Oh dear, when you do the things God asks you to do, most of the time it doesn’t come with a magical glow that makes you and your family instantly perfect. I feel to say that because I’m learning to not have grand expectations for myself and my family. The world sets an expectation that you’re meant to be “significant,” an “influencer.” This means, you look important, you do important work and you, your home and your family all look like a magazine ad while doing it. Even the “modern” and “relevant” church can paint this expectation.
Well that wasn’t us and isn’t us most of the time. Something I’m learning, is that before you can confidently step into what the Lord has for you, you need to truly understand your worth in Him. So much of what stops me from stepping out in faith is an unbelief in who I am in Christ; in what I’m worth to Him; that He truly chooses me. Isn’t this the lie from the very beginning? It’s shocking how often I fall into that same trap. “Does God truly love me?” “Does God truly talk to me?” “I’m not good enough,” “pretty enough.” etc etc etc.
I heard recently on a podcast that 90% of drawing closer to God and experiencing Him in your life is removing unbelief and truly believing He wants you in His kingdom! This feels so true. Oh how I long to learn to see myself as He sees me. Not for arrogance sake, but so that no matter what happens or what’s said or not said about me, I can press on confidently, I can keep running the race, I can go from glory to glory with the full belief that He wants me and has a valuable purpose for me.
The night before we arrived at Uluru I read the bible story to my children, of Jesus multiplying the two fish and five loaves for the crowd of 5000. I was struck with the thought that the little boy came with no focus on what he didn’t have but rather came with what he did have. Happily giving it to Jesus and Jesus did the rest. This gave me so much joy because sometimes it feels like all I have are 2 small fish and some loaves of bread. Like the disciples you question “surely this isn’t enough?”
But it is. If you wholeheartedly give it to Jesus, He gives thanks to His Father for what you’ve given and you get to witness Him multiply your small offering into something incredible.
When we were in Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory we were able to see some massive termite mounds. Earlier that week we had learnt that these termite mounds are made from the poo and spit of the termites mixed with dirt. These termite mounds not only protect them from the scorching sun but also provide homes to other native ants and birds. When the wet season arrives the rain washes down the mounds and the now hardened
manure acts like a fertiliser and enriches the ground around the mound. Little islands of oases begin to pop up all around the once barren landscape. How incredible! If God can use a termite mound for His purpose how much more can He use us for His Glory.
So I came with what I had; a small window to come and pray at Uluru. The kids were hungry and Tim graciously gave me some space to lay all we had at the feet of Jesus; for us and for our nation.
As I prayed, the Holy Spirit came. I could sense His presence. It was wonderful. All the flies and sweat and insecurity disappeared. As I prayed I felt a love for our nation; a longing in the Father’s heart to unlock all the promises of God over us. I felt a deep grief that we have believed and clung onto the shame of what previous generations have done to the reputation of “The Church,” (racism, stolen generation, bigotry, abuse of children and women are some things that came to mind). I say reputation, because I felt the Lord impress on my heart: “This is not who you are anymore. Don’t carry the shame for these peoples’ mistakes.” I saw a new generation of people who truly love righteousness and long to be a people who love as He loves. I saw an unlocking of our true identity in the form of water flowing from the rock, “the heart,” into all the places of our nation. I felt to pray that we would be a nation of rest and restoration; that people would want to come and receive that here; that we would be a people boldly walking in our unique callings. Tim also sensed the picture of water flowing out. I felt to take some time to pray for our leaders also; that our Prime Minister specifically would come to a revelation of who he is in Christ Jesus and that he would be surrounded with Josephs and Daniels in this hour.
I felt to speak life into barrenness, not fully understanding what that was about, but it was there. We have as a people accepted “death” in a way. We accept and embrace our land as being dry and God’s people as “dry”. But not anymore in Jesus Name! We will be known as a people DEAD TO SIN BUT ALIVE IN CHRIST!
That was all I experienced there. It was a peace filled time and I felt so honoured. What has been exciting is that the next day, when we left, they received a storm and heavy rain came over the centre of Australia. The water was flowing over Uluru in waterfalls. Thank you Abba! You’re worthy of ALL Praise!
By Tiffany Harris
21st October, 2020